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Canvassing - ePepys

22nd Jun 2016

10:03 pm - Canvassing

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I posted yesterday to Facebook, but I think it probably better belongs here...

On Sunday afternoon, I helped out canvassing (knocking on doors) for Britain Stronger in Europe. This is the first time I ever did anything like that, and I must admit I quite enjoyed it. It was a bit scary to have to talk to all those people, though most weren't home so just got some leaflets through the door.
With one group I did St Mary's Road (nearly all Remain), and with another Donnington Bridge Road (mostly undecided or uninterested).

Unfortunately, when I tried again yesterday, I didn't find anyone from the Campaign (turns out they'd finished Iffley Village the day before but didn't cancel the meet).

Today I went with Labour In For Britain (the time was convenient), canvassing on the Iffley Road. This was a large group of ~15 people with one organiser, who sent us off to knock on each door. I think I'm getting a taste of canvassing. Tomorrow evening (getting people out to vote) is my last chance for a long time!